A constitutionally given right taken away from the American people

We Provide Support to those being Politically Persecuted along with their families.

A first hand view on what life has been like for those being politically persecuted as a result of January 6th

See what the media is hiding from you, and recognize the incredibly devastating hardships these wives, children, and family members have endured in the past year.

Due Process Denied Part 1

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Get a firsthand experience of what life has been like for those impacted by political imprisonment in America. Families have been broken, lives have been lost, and children have been traumatized at the hands of their own government.

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Homes Raided

Children have endured their homes being torn apart. They’ve seen firsthand the people who are supposed to protect them in this country breaking in and raiding their home. These people who are supposed to protect them putting their daddy in handcuffs and dragging him out of his home. This is the last image they have of their fathers, as these men have been imprisoned with no access to visits for over a year. Some of these children are toddlers, and they don’t remember what they’re daddy looks like anymore. Families deserve access to their loved ones that are behind bars. 

Income Depleted

Married mothers have now become as close to a single mother as you can get. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for this lifestyle. How can anyone be prepared for half of their family income to be abruptly removed. Living comfortably has been impossible for the wives of the men who’ve been detained, and they are not able to afford to make ends meet, let alone have the time to raise their children on their own. Family businesses have gone under, families have had to relocate, and children have been enduring circumstances that none should face.  

Due Process Denied

Not a single person involved with January 6th has been granted their constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial. They’ve also been enduring despicable treatment in these prison systems; from solitary confinement, spoiled food, mold, and abuse. No religious services. These are our constitutionally given rights that are encompassed within several amendments that every American should have access to, regardless of political affiliation. This is political imprisonment.

Biased Judicial System

Many of the trials for these men and women are being held in no other than the district of DC. Washington DC is home to a collection of judges that are historically democratically affiliated. This wouldn’t be an issue, as all Americans have the right to their thoughts and opinions, as long as justice was being served unbiasedly. However, these trials have been the epitome of biased. The evidence supplied in these courtrooms is disgraceful. For example, a J6er has been imprisoned and the evidence against them in court was a Trump flag that they owned, and the suit that they wore to the Capitol on 1/6/21. This is absolutely an injustice to America as a whole. To what extent will the government go to have things go their way? This is unconstitutional and we should all be worried about what is next to come. All trials should be litigated outside the city of DC.