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A Letter from Angela Morss

Angela Morss is the mother of January 6 defendant Robert Morss and continues to wait for her son to return home to her.

“July 23, 2022

Dear Cynthia,

I would like to express my gratitude for the monumental effort and hard work of your organization.

Cynthia, as the founder and President of the Patriot Freedom Project you are positively impacting the many families adversely affected by the charges faced from the January 6 events. Your leadership, consistent support and kindness are a tremendous blessing during an exceedingly difficult time.

My older son, Robert Morss, was arrested on June 11, 2021. Since that time, he has remained behind bars without being found guilty of a crime. When Robert was arrested, I moved to Pennsylvania from my home state of Nevada. At this, keeping to myself and not engaging with other January 6th families seemed like the most appropriate thing to do. Cynthia, you reached out to me shortly after Robert’s arrest. Although your words were calming, supportive and encouraging, I declined to attend the support group you held weekly.

As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into a lonely few months, I acknowledged the need for support and assistance. … My marriage was ending, the court-appointed attorneys did not seem sufficient, and my heart was breaking for Robert. Thank God YOU were there for me! You listened, provided resources, support, and pertinent assistance.

Because of the support of the Patriot Freedom Project, Robert was assisted with finding and retaining counsel. An outstanding new attorney now represents him. Finances and life in general are still not easy but the Patriot Freedom Project has helped tremendously. Robert and I both consider you a friend. Thank you for accepting (inmate) calls from Robert. You are encouraging to family members, like myself, during our regular support group meetings, though outreach and faithful community building.

With Respect,

Angela Morss”

Written By Sara Sass