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A Letter from Guy Reffitt

“To whom it may concern;

In the interest of transparency and huge gratitude. I would love to give my appreciation to Cynthia Hughes and Patriot Freedom Project for their help given to my family and also me. Very early in this seemingly insurmountable plight, my family needed help. She took our needs into her heart and began the hard work of helping hundreds of family members. We will be forever grateful. To dedicate your life toward such a large cause comes with a heavy burden and many avenues of uncertainty. Average, everyday people wake to despise traffic. She wakes to fight another day for American Patriots. My family would have likely been on the streets if not for the hard work, thick skin and pure grit of Cynthia and PFP. Not to be forgotten are the many American Patriots helping to fund us, pouring love and monetary support to help our families so they can maintain some sort of semblance at home. Legal funding for counsel has grown exponentially over time to astronomical levels. Very unattainable without the support of PFP, Cynthia and you. Also giving credit where credit is due, the many people who have joined the PFP team to help support Cynthia and by proxy, the J6 defendants.

My support, my heart, and my forever gratitude rests with Cynthia and PFP right along with you. There is so much still to be done and with your help, it will be done.

God Bless you and God Bless America.

Signed: Political Prisoner Guy Reffitt / 376782”

Written By Sara Sass