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A Letter from Pete Schwartz

Pete Schwartz is a traveling welder and metallurgist who was in the area of DC for work on January 6. He had never been to a Trump speech and he decided to go with his wife. He was attacked by police and defended his wife. The government has kept him detained in solitary confinement. He wasn’t even allowed to call his wife when she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Pete’s hobbies range from riding motorcycles to studying biblical eschatology.

“December 29th, 2021


Hello! …

I didn’t think we’d ever get this country turned around without you, Steve Bannon, and a handful of others. Jan 6th (and Cov) are SHIELDS for an immeasurable amount of corruption!!! Nobody else seems to get that!!! Darren Beattie has done great work too. As well as Julie Kelly. So there’s a few… but not many!

So, once again, I’m glad to tell you how much I appreciate what you, and the others are doing! You’re right on the tip of the spear of what REALLY will expose the corrupt commies!

Keep up the great work!!

Thank you!!

Pete Schwartz”

Written By Sara Sass