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We Provide Support to those being Politically Persecuted along with their families.

The men and women who stood up for what they believe was a fraudulent election are now suffering immensely, as they are being politically persecuted. Wives and children are in peril because of the wrongful detention of their husbands. We as Americans must rally behind these families and help them today.

The political prisoners are suffering inhumane, disgusting, and unsanitary conditions in these jails. Some of those being detained are VETERANS and ACTIVE MILITARY, and they are being horribly mistreated. This is not the American Way! We are supposed to be living in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty! These men should be out on bond so that they can continue to support their families. Sadly, this government wants to continue to exact revenge on Donald J Trump so badly, that his supporters have now become collateral damage.

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You can send a check or money order to our address:
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Due Process Denied

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